Vogel(Vogl) und Pankratz: Oberfalz: Cham


auf Verwandte ist nicht immer Verlass, in diesem Fall hoffe ich dass natürlich, damit Du weiterkommst. Vielleicht ist es vernünftig erst einmal von Vorfahren zu Vorfahren zurückzugehen, vielleicht finden sich Hinweise von welchem Hafen bzw. aus welcher Stadt er ursprünglich kam. Mitunter finden sich solche Dinge z.b. durch die Eintragungen in Schiffslisten oder im Census selbst.

Hier einmal ein paar Dinge die Du vielleicht schon kennst, vielleicht aber auch nicht.


From the Manitowoc Pilot, 29 April 1875:
In Probate, Manitowoc County Court.
In the matter of the estate of George Vogel deceased.
To all whom it may concern:
Letters of Administration on said estate of George Vogel deceased,
having been issued to John Duval on the 30th day of June A.D. 187?,
and four months from and other publications of this notice being
allowed and limited for creditors to present their claims for
examination and allowance. Notice is hereby given that the under-
signed will on the third Mondays of May, June, July and August
A.D. 1875, at the Probate office in the city of Manitowoc in
said county, receive, examine and adjust all claims, and demands
of all persons against said deceased.
T.G. Olmsted, County Judge

This is a bio. sketch from "History of Manitowoc County Wisconsin"
by Dr. L. Falge, 1911-1912, v.2, p.343-344.

Herman W. Vogel, who is a member of the firm of Vogel, Stoltenberg & Vogel,
of Cleveland, is a native of Manitowoc county, his birth having occurred in
Centerville township on the 29th of October, 1873. His parents are Richard
and Pauline (Lutze) Vogel, also natives of Manitowoc county, although of
German extraction, the grand parents having emigrated to this country from
the fatherland. Richard Vogel is a carpenter by trade, but for many years
he engaged in agricultural pursuits and is now living retired on his farm,
which is being operated by his sons. He and his wife are members of the
German Lutheran church of Centerville, in which faith they reared their
The entire life of Herman W. Vogel has been passed in this county, to whose
common schools he is indebted for his education. After laying aside his
textbooks, at the age of eighteen years, he began learning the carpenter's
trade, continuing to be identified with this occupation until 1911. In
November of that year he turned his attention to commercial activities and
embarked in the lumber, coal and wood business as a member of the firm he
is now connected with. Although he has only been engaged in this for a
brief period he has every reason to feel highly gratified with the progress
they are making, and to feel assured of their continued prosperity.
In this county, in November, 1900, Mr. Vogel was united in marriage to Miss
Bertha Kolb, a daughter of Charles Kolb, who for many years engaged in
farming in Meeme township, but is now deceased. Four children have been
born to Mr. and Mrs. Vogel, as follows, Hubert, Laverel, Tackla and Walter.
Mr. and Mrs. Vogel are active members of the German Lutheran church and
have gained the regard of many of its congregation by reason of their high
qualities and personal worth.

This is a bio. sketch from "History of Manitowoc County Wisconsin"
by Dr. L. Falge, 1911-1912, v.2, p.279-280.

Henry Vogl, farmer and stock-raiser of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, owning a well
cultivated property on section 6, is a native of Bohemia, and was born
March 4, 1858, a son of Adelbert and Teresa (Hartman) Vogl. In 1868
Adelbert Vogl came to the United States with his wife, and the following
named children: Julia, Francis, Henry, Victor, Cornelia, Leo and Rosa, of
whom the latter is now deceased, After landing at New York, the family
started for Manitowoc county, Wisconsin, and after a short stay at
Saxonburg, they located on the present farm of Henry Vogl, a tract of one
hundred and sixty acres, of which twenty-five acres were covered with
stumps, and upon which a log building had been erected. Adelbert Vogl
secured an ox team and started to clear his property, but two and one-half
months after coming here his death occurred, when he was only forty-seven
years old, and the work of clearing and developing the farm fell to the
lot of his widow and children.
Henry Vogl received his education in the district school of the town of
Two Rivers, and remained on the home farm, doing his share of the hard
labor, until he was twenty-two years of age, when he went to Milwaukee.
After a year he returned to the homestead to take charge of its operation,
his brothers having given up farming to engage in the manufacture of
cheese. He made numerous improvements, erected good barns, substantial
outbuildings and a comfortable residence, and brought the land under a
high state of cultivation, and here he has made his home ever since, being
now rated among the substantial farmers of his locality. He has been a
hard worker all of his life and his progress has been steady, although he
has suffered several painful accidents. When he was a lad of twelve years,
while peeling logs, his axe slipped and cut off his great toe, which,
however, was secured in place and grew on as well as ever. At about the
same time he broke his leg, and later, while driving, the ox team became
entangled in a rail fence and his jaw was broken by a flying fence rail.
His mother died on the home farm at the age of seventy-eight years.
At the age of twenty-four, Mr. Vogl was married to Miss Mary Neiner, a
daughter of Peter Neiner, and eleven children have been born to them:
Pauline, Julia, Adelheid, Anna, Victor, Mary, Elmer, Charlotte, Thresa,
Evelyn and Henry, of whom Anna and Henry are deceased. Mr. Vogel is a
democrat in politics, and he has served on the jury and as town constable.
The family has always been connected with the Catholic church.

City of Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
[A-31-4]-[W. (Baby) Vogel/bur. 11-25-1886]
[A-31-4]-[W. (Baby) Vogel/bur. 11-25-1886]
[A-31-4]-[W. (Baby) Vogel/bur. 11-25-1886]
[A-31-4]-[George Vogel/bur. 05-10-1890/age 15 yrs./cause: heart failure]
[A-31-4]-George/1880-1890, ossw:
[A-31-4]-William/1858-1922, [bur 03-29-1922/cause: lympho sarcoma] ossw:
[A-31-4]-[Mrs.]Minnie/1859-1937 [bur. 01-13-1937/age 78 yrs./caue: acute cardiac
decompensation result of chronic myocarditis/bur. on William Vogel lot], ossw:
[A-31-4]-William/1879-1945 [d. 04-11-1945/age 65 yrs./cause: cerebral hemorrhage/bur. on
Wm. Vogel lot-his father], ossw:
[A-31-4]-Wm. LARSEN/1919-1922, ossw:
[A-31-4]-Hertha/1894-1958 [d. 04-11-1958 at Chicago IL/age 58 yrs./cause: coronary thrombosis/
bur. on William Vogel lot]
[B-3-1]-Jennie L. Vogel/June 17, 1875/June 23, 1954 [bur. on J.L. Hempton lot]
[C-5-1]-Husband/Julius/beloved husband of Mathilda Vogel/1865-1927 [bur. 12-22-1927/
age 62 yr/died at Milwaukee, WI/cause: accidental fall on sidewalk/bur. on
Tillie Vogel lot]
[C-5-1]-Wife/Mathilda/Beloved wife of Julius Vogel/1868-1925
[D-29-1]-Ruth Vogel/1910-1921 [bur 05-28-1921/cause: mitral stenosis/bur. on Daniel Vogel lot]
[D-29-1]-Father/John D. Vogel/1862-1942 [John Daniel/d. 09-05-1942/age 80 yrs./
cause: chronic myocarditis/bur. on Daniel Vogel lot]
[D-29-1]-Mother/Emma Vogel/1861-1903 [bur. 01-17-1903/cause: arpcumia]
[D-29-1]-Ethel Vogel/1900-1902 [bur. 08-26-1902/cause: dysentery]
[D-29-1]-Gertrude Vogel/1895-1900 [bur. 01-23-1900/cause: diptheria]
[E-25-10]-[Leonard H. Vogel/d. 06-16-1990/age 57 yrs./husband of Bernadeanne M. Vogel]
[E-25-10]-[Bernadeanne Vogel/d. 7-13-2000]
[E2-84-1]-Arthur/1857-1919, [bur. 02-28-1919/cause: cerebral hemorrage/bur. on
Michael Schneider lot] ossw:
[E2-84-1]-Bertha/1860-1903 [bur. 02-08-1903/cause: corna epilepsy]
[L-2-3]-[Mr. Vogel/bur. 06-20-1891/age 36 yrs./cause: killed in jail]
[L-29-9]-[Clara Vogel/bur. 04-14-1917/cause: lobar pneumonia]
[P-24-5]-[Alma Vogel/d. 12-20-1971/age 73 yrs./widow of William Post/wife of Hugo Vogel]
(04 Mar 1898 Dec 1971/SSDI)
[R-5-8]-Laura/1888-1943 [d. 05-12-1943/age 55 yrs./cause: cerebral hemorrhage/wife of
Hugo Vogel], ossw:
[R-5-8]-Hugo/1888-1974 [d. 10-25-1974/age 86 yrs.](29 Aug 1888/Oct 1974/SSDI)
[R-7-14]-Clara L. Vogel/1887-1945 [d. 07-23-1945/age 58 yrs.]
[R-7-14]-Oscar J. Vogel/1884-1939 [d. 06-07-1939/age 54 yrs./cause: orebral(sic) cerebral?
[R-39-9]-Mother/Minnie Vogel/May 9, 1859/Feb. 21, 1937 [cause: myocarditis cardiac
failure/bur. on Marslo Horton lot]
[R-42-6]-Laverel L./1903-1982 [Laverel L. Vogel/d. 11 Mar 1982, Sheboygan, WI/age 78 yrs]
(15 Jul 1903/Mar 1982/SSDI), ossw:
[R-42-6]-Norma L./1907-2000 [d. 10-4-2000/Norma Louise Laverel](18 Apr 1907/04 Oct 2000/SSDI)
[S-43-6]-[Albert L. Vogel/d. 21 April 1981/age 78 yrs](26 Dec 1902/Apr 1981/SSDI)
[S-43-6]-[Arlyle Vogel/d. 12 Apr 1982/age 83 yrs/widow of Albert Vogel]
(Arlyle Vogel/b. Apr. 02, 1899/d. Apr. 1982/SSDI)
[T-6-3]-[Erma Vogel/d. 12-08-1990/wife of Ernst Vogel]
[T-6-3]-[John Vogel/d. 04-14-1991 at South Bend IN/age 51 yrs./single/bur. on
Ernst G. Vogel lot]
[T-38-4]-Emma A./1886-1970 [d. 04-22-1970/age 84 yrs./widow of Otto A. Vogel]
(16 Mar 1886/Apr 1970/SSDI), ossw:
[T-38-4]-Otto A./1886-1951 [bur. 09-19-1951/age 64 yrs.]
[T-39-7]-Wayne [A.] Vogel/1955-1969 [d. 09-14-1969 at Neenah WI/age 14 yrs./son of John A.
and Carol Vogel/bur. on Marie Brickley lot]
[U-2-10]-Earl O. Vogel/Wisconsin/1st Lieutenant Infantry/World War II/
Oct. 14, 1907 - Aug. 10, 1953 [Earl Otto Vogel/d. at Tampa Hillsborough FL]
[V-29-2]-Walter [R.]/1909-1971 [d. 09-06-1971 at Sheboygan WI/age 61 yrs./husband of
Norma Vogel], ossw:
[V-29-2]-[Norma Vogel Gabsch (widow of Walter R. Vogel & Arno H. Gabsch)/
died 2/12/1993 in Manitowoc.] (Norma Gabsch/b. 7 May 1907/d. February 1993/SSDI)
[W2-105-4]-[Harry Vogel/bur. 03-13-1893/age 1 yr./cause: pneumonia]
[W2-212-4]-Catharina Vogel/geborene STELZER/geboren 12 Okt. 1822/
gestorben 6 Jan. 1899 [cause: asphyxia], ossw:
[W2-212-4]-Heinrich Vogel/geboren 11 Mai 1825/gestorben 1 Januar 1883
(Death notice in Der Nord Westen, 11 Jan. 1883
Heinrich Vogel died on Thurs. evening, 4 Jan. He was born May 1825 in
Bavaria and came here in 1852. He had a store on Main St. He leaves
a wife but no children.)
[W2-212-4]-Footstones: Tante/Onkel
[Y-1-4]-Arthur F./1926-____, ossw:
[Y-1-4]-Ann F./1927-1977/"Midge" [d. 10-08-1977/age 49 yrs./wife of Arthur F. Vogel]
(30 Oct 1927/Oct 1977/SSDI)

[P-9-7]-Christine/1880-1945 [d. 08-12-1945 at Denver, CO/age 64 yrs./cause: coronary
thrombosis/widow of Leo Vogl], ossw:
[P-9-7]-Leo/1867-1943 [d. 07-31-1943/age 77 yrs.]

m: May 1892 (not on co. mar. index)
to: Miss Samiel

From Der Nord Westen, 19 May 1892: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 16 May)
Marriage of Mr. Vogel with Miss Samiel, both residents
of Range Line, about 5 miles from here, last Sat. in the
Lutheran Church.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: A.
From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library:
Steam Thresher.
Post Office, Northeim; Section 24, Newton Township.

VOGEL: Alois

From Der Nord Westen, 12 Oct. 1893:
Mr. and Mrs. Alois Vogel will celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary
next Sun., 15 Oct. Also on Sun. Mrs. Vogel will celebrate her birthday
and her name day. A number of family and friends are expected. The couple
had 11 children, 3 of whom are deceased.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Alvis
m: 27 Sep 1898 (co. mar. index v.7 p.19)
to: Teresia Meyer

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Arthur
m: 24 Apr. 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.196)
to: Bertha Janing

VOGEL: Arthur

From Der Nord Westen, 29 Apr. 1897:
Arthur Vogel in Newton celebrated his 40th birthday on Sat., plus his 13th
wedding anniversary. His neighbors gave him a party for the double observance.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Arthur
m: 13 July 1912, St. Johns United Church, Manitowoc
to: Minnie Mundt, nee Eberhardt

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Caspar Joseph
m: 15 Oct. 1878 (co. mar. index v.4 p.138)
to: Anna M Bewen

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Charles
m: 5 Apr. 1876 (co. mar. index v.4 p.107)
to: Mary Rump

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: D.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Daniel Johann
m: 01 Jun 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.329)
to: Jennie M. Schott

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: David
b: 1810, Germany/d. 1891
m: Hannah L. _____

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Frank
m: 03 Jun 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.37/she is not on index)
to: Anna Ruhal

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Frank
m: 09 Nov 1898 (co. mar. index v.7 p.27)
to: Catherine Waniger

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Fred
m: 05 Oct 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.261)
to: Anna Lena Dedering

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Friedrich
m: 19 Dec. 1871 (co. mar. index v.4 p.58)
to: Dina Runep

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: George
b: Town Cato
occ: farmer
p: Georg Vogel and Maria Pankratz
m: 26 Feb. 1881 in parsonage at Newton (co. mar. index v.5 p.11)
wit: Johann Tuschel and Karl Feichtner
to: Elizabeth Feichtner
b: Town Libety
p: Karl Feichtner and Elisabeth Lichtenecker

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: George
d. bef. 29 April 1875, probate

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Herman
m: 10 May 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.439)
to: Lena Durrwaechter

From Der Nord Westen, 03 May 1906: Marriage License obtained
Herman Vogel and Lena Duerrwaechter both of Schleswig

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Herman
m: 27 Dec 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.184)
to: Bertha Duerwaechter

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Herman W. (see Wilhelm H. Vogel/
listed as such on co. mar. index)
b: 29 Oct. 1873, in Manitowoc Co.
p: Richard and Pauline (Lutze) Vogel
m: 17 Nov. 1900, in Manitowoc Co. (co. mar. index v.7 p.131)
to: Bertha Kolb
p: Charles Kolb
Hilbert, Laverel, Tackla and Walter.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Herrmann
confirmed: 22 Apr. 1883 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Ida
confirmed: 1 Apr. 1881 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Joachim Jacob
res: at mar. Manitowoc co.
m: 9 Aug. 1853, Tn. Manitowoc by Chas. A. Reuter, J.P. (co. mar. index)
wit: Frederick Langenfeld, Frederick Poser
to: Eva Margaretha Ripp

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Johann Heinr. Erdmann
m: 5 Sept. 1852 First Ger. Evang. Luth. Ch. by Chas. F. Goldammer (co. mar. index)
wit: Johann Nic. Hoffmann, Johann Nic. Huss
to: Anna Katharina Stelzer

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: John
m: 09 Sep 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.366)
to: Lizzie Pankratz

From Der Nord Westen, 17 Sept. 1896:
Marriage, by Justice of the Peace P.W. Wieboldt, Tues. last week,
of John Vogel with Miss Lizzie Pankratz, both from Cato.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: John
m: 22 Oct. 1873 (co. mar. index v.4 p.77)
to: Mary Spaeth

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Julius
confirmed: 1 Apr. 1880 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Julius
m: Barbara Schneider
Jullius Herrmann (b. Newton/bapt. 27 June 1876 Methodist Episc. ch.)
Barbara Ida (b. Newton/bapt. 27 June 1876 Methodist Episc. ch.)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Julius Hermann
m: Barbara Schaien
Peter Wilhelm (b. 1 Aug. 1853/bapt. 30 Oct. 1853 from record of
First German Evang. Luth. ch.)

VOGEL: Julius
res: Manistique, Mich.
m: 04 Jan. 1888
to: Miss Mathilda Dittmore

From Der Nord Westen, 12 Jan. 1888
Marriage of Julius Vogel of Manistique, Mich., formerly employed in
Manitowoc and well known locally, to Miss Mathilda Dittmore of
Manitowoc on Wed., 04 Jan. 1888.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Karl
m: Maria Hubner
Johann Wilhelm (b. 31 May 1854/baptized 30 July 1854/Trinity Lutheran ch., Liberty)
Sponsors: Wilhelm Kuke, Heinrich Osterloh, Dorothea Louise Kuke
Hermann (b. 11 Nov. 1867/bapt. 30 Jan. 1868 Methodist Episc. ch.)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Oscar Julia (sic)
m: 15 Feb. 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.432)
to: Clara L. Boettcher

From Der Nord Westen, 15 Feb. 1906 Marriage License obtained
Oscar Vogel and Clara Boettcher both of Manitowoc

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Philipp W.
m: 10 May 1858 (co. mar. index v.2 p.17)
to: Mary Klapoz

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Thomas Halm
m: 14 Nov. 1871 (co. mar. index v.4 p.52)
to: Anna P Lutze

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Ulricus Herman
m: Barbara
Thomas Holmes (b. 9 Oct. 1848 in Manitowoc co./bapt. 8 Apr. 1849
from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: W.
Farmer and Stock breeder.
Post Office, Kiel; Section 27, Schleswig Township.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Wilhelm
m: 20 Mar 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.235)
to: Clara Schmidt

From Der Nord Westen, 29 Mar. 1894: (From the correspondent in Kiel, 26 Mar.)
Marriage of 18 yr. old Wilhelm Vogel with Miss Clara Schmidt,
in the Reformed Church.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Wilhelm (mar. not on co. mar. index)
m: 5 May 1879
to: Minna Rehbein

From Der Nord Westen, 08 May 1879:
Marriage of Wilhelm Vogel with Minna Rehbein, both of Kossuth, on 05
May by Justice of the Peace A. Wallich.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: Wilhelm H. (see Herman W. Vogel)
m: 17 Nov. 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.131)
to: Bertha Dorothea Kolb

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGEL: William
b: 5 Jan. 1845, Germany/d. 22 Mar. 1924
m: Wilhelmina Dahlmann
b: 3 Aug. 1841, Germany/d. 7 Mar. 1917

Also have Vogl
See William Glandt bio.
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See Gustave Zill bio.

http://www.immigrantships.net/v7/1800v7 ... 50626.html
256 George Vogel 29 male Farmer Bavaria
257 Anna Vogel 28 female Bavaria
258 Christine Vogel 6m female Bavaria


Für den Rest kuck ich noch einmal.

Gruß admin

Danke für Ihre Antwort. Ich habe das Manitwoc Website häufig benutzt. Da, gibt es viele Information um meinem Vogel/Pankratz Stammbaum. Ich habe auch Emails mit meinen Verwandten um unserem Stammbaum getauscht. Wir wissen unsere Pankratz Herkunft, aber leider ist unser Vogel Herkunft nicht bekannt. Es wurde nur durch Generationen gesagt, dass Sie aus Neukirchen, Bayern kamen. Es kann sein, aber vielleicht kammen Sie aus einem Ort neben einem Neukirchen. Ich kann glauben dass, Georg Vogel(Vogl) nicht weit von Pomezi(Springenberg) wohnte.

Die Familie sind aus Bremen nach New York ausgewandert. Ich habe nur die Amerikanische Akten, weil die Akten von Bremen wurden zerstört.

Ich kenne Karen Rackow. Sie hat Posts auf Ancestry.com gestellt. Ich habe auch den 'Probate' Breif von Geroge Vogel von Sie.

Danke für Ihre Hilfe.


Daniel Straub

Ohne konreten Hinweis, auf den "Ort" gestaltet sich die Suche schwierig. Es gibt einige Neukirchen, aber welches kommt dafür in Frage?

Also, es gibt einige Neukirchen in Bayern:

http://www.geonames.org/search.html?q=n ... n&country=

Von der Lage her zu Springenberg,würde ich vermuten es handelt sich um "Neukirchen Hl. Blut" oder nur das "Neukirchen" das direkt daneben liegt.

Übrigens pomezi = tschech. Grenze, der Ort selbst heißt Springenberg.

In Bayern gibt es erst später "Standesämter" d.h. in dem Falle müßte man sich an das Kirchenarchiv wenden.
Waren die Vorfahren katholisch oder evangelisch? Danach richtet sich, welches Archiv man anschreiben muß.
Eine genaue Erklärung dazu und die Anschriften der Archive finden sich hier:


Zufällig bin ich in diesem Forum gelandet. Ich suche in den Kirchenbüchern im Archiv Pilsen die Matrikel von Hradec die Linie Vogl. Hier gibt es einen Sterbeeintrag eines Franz Vogel aus Neukirchen/ Bayern. Hier der Link, der weiter helfen könnte. http://actapublica.eu/matriky/plzen/pro ... ?strana=56

Vielen Dank für den Tip. Ich vergaß, daß Ich auf dieser Website einen Post hat.

Ich habe herausgefunden daß, meine Vogl Ahnen aus Warzenried kam.

1. Georg Vogl
2. Maria Saidl (Tochter von Johann Georg Saidl)
1. Georg Wolfgang Vogl geb 19 Dez 1733 Warzenried
2. Catharina Paumann (ver 1 May 1767) (Tochter von Jacob Paumann)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Georg Vogl geb 20 Feb 1769 Warzenried – Söldner
2. Barbara Bachmaier (ver 17 Aug 1805) (Tochter von Johann and Anna Maria Bachmaier)
1. Georg Vogl geb 9th Dec 1814 Warzenried
2. Anna Maria Pongratz/Pankratz geb 2 Apr 1822 Springenberg (ver 19 June 1843 im Neukirchen im Heiligen Blut) (Tochter von Ignatz Pongratz/Pankratz Bauer im Springenberg und Therese Gibl(Hübl im Böhmen)
1. Wolfgang geb 3 Jul 1844 Warzenried
2. Joseph geb 1 Oct 1845 Warzenried
3. Maria Franziska geb 2 Jul 1847 Warzenried
4. Alois geb 12 Dez 1848 Warzenried
5. Johann geb 1853 Warzenried
(Diese Familie is nach den USA im 1856 ausgewandert)

MfG Daniel Straub